Thursday, September 30, 2010


is it normal for people to fall of the face of the planet once they get married?  i dunno. i used to hear from my best friend at least once a day.  and now?  nothing.  just emptiness.  i have no clue what's going on in her life and she has no clue what's going on in mine.  i think it's safe to say, we aren't best anymore?  the thought almost kills me.  it's the kind of change that i hate.  at first, it was really hard for me to grasp this new concept.  but eventually during her engagement i got used to quiet.  instead of talking to me whenever she was having a bad day it was him she vented to.  instead of telling me things when she was excited, it was him that heard about it.  i was the after thought.  if i asked her about something she'd answer with a didn't i tell you?   it hurt.  but I've slowly gotten over it... or so i thought.  until i found out {on Facebook, from her mom's status} that she was coming home for the weekend.  not a word from her.  i haven't heard a peep from her direction nor has her number been on my phone for the past few weeks.  i understand she's busy.  i understand she's married.  i understand there is a new best her in life.  but not one text even?   i know it shouldn't hurt.  i know i should understand and move on.  but it doesn't always work that way.  a part of me wonders; am i going to be this way when i am married or engaged?  will i neglect my loved ones and friends?  i guess i wont know this answer until i'm actually in that stage of my life.  but another part of me hopes that i will not.  i hope that i will not forget about the special people in my life.  i hope that i remember to send a short message ever once in a while.  i know that the man who enters my life will be my best friend and will be the first to hear things BUT i hope that i remember to tell my former best friends that i am coming home for the weekend or that i miss them occasionally, because even though they aren't best anymore, they will still be special and important in my life.


Regina said...

I'm sorry. Yes, people change when they get married. It's like starting a whole new chapter in life. But I think you will learn from this and when it's your turn to be engaged and married, you won't forget your friends!

Steph said...

Im sorry. Things are always changing. And marriage is one of the biggest changes. *hugs* Love You!