Photography is kind of my passion.  I absolutely love how it magnifies those tiny little details and makes them look oh so beautiful.  Photography started out as a simple interest and recently has developed into a love that makes my heart flutter.  I have always loved taking pictures and the feel of the camera in my hands  I used to steal the the family camera during family events and take tons and tons of pictures.  My friends have often said "don't let Megan take the camera, she goes camera happy".

In the fall of 2010 I started browsing through photography blogs.  This was the moment I realized my love was not longer just a love.  It was an obsession.  I hope that I can grow in my photography this coming year.  I'm excited to learn more about photography and about my new Nikon 3100.   Please join me in my journey.  I look forward to hearing any encouragement or tips you would like to share with me :).

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