Thursday, September 30, 2010

happenings of today


i know you can't change some things.  but can i still be disappointed?  I was going to go down to Ephraim this month to see my friends & sister but the girl i was going with can't now. And i don't have another way.  sad day.

today i got to hang out with my good friend Kaitlin!  it was super fun.  she is leaving on her mission in less than a month so we're trying to hang out as much as possible before then!  we got glitter toes done!  it was so awesome :).  {you can see pictures on my 365 blog}

i hate it when Facebook chat doesn't let me see who else is online, when i really want to see who is online.

i had another friend tell me today she is getting married.  {i swear it seriously NEVER ends!}

i found out that my family is going to conference on Saturday morning, without me! because i have to work.  stupid work.

i once again didn't do one bit of homework {I'm really getting pro at this procrastination thing.}

i changed things on my blog & changed my Facebook profile picture, for the millionth time!  I swear i am seriously ADD or something.  i just can't seem to keep things the same for long periods of time.  which is kind of funny because i hate changes in life, but yet i love change with other things.  don't you find that a little bit strange.  but i guess I've never been normal.  normal?  what's that?

i realized that i really do love my singles ward and the people in it .

i'm finally getting out of the rut i have been in.  the one where i was feeling like life stinks, it's boring, there is nothing to do, everyone is at school and having fun and i'm not, and i have no social life, blah blah blah.  i'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  i am discovering that there really are things to do, people to see! it's great.  i just had to realize that it's all about my a.t.t.i.t.u.d.e and my outlook on things.  i just needed to change it.  

i life

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Jessica said...

Oh Megan I miss you!! I need to change my attitude too than! I will try harder...I've been trying hard but I guess not hard enough. Thanks for being a great example. Love ya