Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have been doing WAY too much of these things:
i seriously need a new hobby.
Okay so the phone one I really haven't been doing a whole lot of {i've actually been leaving it places and never looking at it} but i've been known to do a lot of it in the past.  
it's ridiculous how much time i've been spending on the computer. 
so i am going to try to lessen the amount of time i spend on my electronics.
i'm still going to post on my blog of course but that's ALL.
when i'm done posting i'm getting off.
i'll try to only use my phone a little bit {& only when i need to}.
and seriously.  facebook.  i'm going to get on it as little as possible.
in fact.  i'm going to try to limit it completely.
almost that is haha.  i do need to talk to my friends sometimes, 
so i'll only use facebook and my phone for that.
I'll update you on how i'm doing with this at the end of the week :).

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