Sunday, June 20, 2010

working sundays & pro/con lists

Today I had to work a Sunday shift. I hate working Sundays. Yes, yes I hate it. But at the same time... I don't mind it all that much. Is that possible? To feel two completely opposite feelings about the same thing. There are several reasons I feel both of these ways towards working on Sundays.

The cons of working Sundays?

1) I feel like I'm breaking the Sabbath day... which I'm not sure I like. 2) I tend to forget it's Sunday, and I like Sundays. I like being spiritually uplifted and being able to take a break from normal daily life. Working doesn't allow for this. 3) I also had to miss most of church today which was kind of sad... cause I'm kind of starting to like my singles ward. 4) Sunday's are S L O W.

The pros of working Sundays?

1) Sunday's are slow... yes, this is also on the con list, but I think it goes on both because I feel both ways about it. I like that it is slow and I also hate it. The fact that it is slow has it's own little pro/con list: --PRO: it's a nice change from the CRAZY busy days that fill the rest of the week. -- CON: it's boring, and I time goes by too slowly which then results in me noticing my feet hurting more and my stomach growling more which is no bueno. 2) the store is much cleaner when there are less customers. 3) the shoppers today actually put there clothes back on the hangers back in the fitting rooms and most of the time they had them on the CORRECT hanger! I was so happy!!! I don't know if this is the case with all Sunday shoppers, but it certainly was with these ones today! :D

Why is Ross open on Sundays??? I wish it wasn't because then I wouldn't have to work on Sunday. But I guess I really don't have much to complain about. I really have been blessed. I have only had to work like 3 total Sundays in the past year I have been an employee at Ross. So I think I have it pretty good :).

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