Saturday, June 19, 2010

vacation here i come! :D

I am beyond excited to go to New Mexico on Tuesday. Not only do I get to see family I haven't seen for a while, but I also get a week long break from work. Wahoo! I'm so so so so excited! I just need a break, ugh haha. I'm finding myself getting frustrated with customers a little more often lately haha... so I think it's probably time for a break :D.

That's the plus side of things.

The negative side of things....

I will probably most likely get behind in my online classes I'm taking this summer. Especially PE. Because I'm not really sure how thrilled I am about exercising when I'm on vacation haha. But I'll find a way I guess. Also, I'm already really behind in my communications class... so I guess I should probably spend monday afternoon getting caught up, ya think? I should probably be doing it now... but I don't really I feel like it. I just got home from an 8 hr shift at work... so all I feel like doing is things that don't take too much un necissary brain power. Wow, I dont even know if I spelled that right haha! Oh well. Too bad I need the internet to do most of my homework... since the classes are online... because I could do them in the car on the way to New Mexico. Since the drive is typically between 7 & 8 hrs I could get quite a bit done! Maybe I'll print out my assignments and handwrite them, then I can just quickly type them up when I can and email them. That way I'm getting them done... I think that's what I'll do :). Sweet. Now that I figured that out. Dont' you love how I'm writing down my thought process for you all to read. It's quite entertaining isn't it? ;) either that or boring you to tears. Either way oh well :P. Sometimes I wonder why I even write on my blog... since I mean really? Do people care what's going on in my life? But then I remember, oh ya... it's because I don't write in my journal so why not have a cute blog that I will update :), because it's a little bit more fun to do :D.

I am also WAY excited for the day I come back from New Mexico. This event is so huge that the'way' in the previous sentence deserved to be bolded and italisized and capitalized(too bad I couldn't figure out how to underline it too). I had to emphasize it ALOT because I'm so excited about it. Are you ready to find out why.....??????

TONYA COMES HOME FOR A VISIT!!!! Tonya, one of my bestest friends in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is coming home to visit for a few weeks :D. She has been in Montana nannying, and I have missed her! We talk like everyday, but still, I miss seeing her face!!! I absolutely cannot wait. It's going to be a glorious event :).

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