Monday, May 24, 2010

put on the full armor of God

I went to Emily's seminary graduation today and Brother Boucher (one of my seminary teachers when I was in seminary) said something I thought was profound. I can't remember if he was quoting somebody or if it was something he came up with, but he said: a testimony is like a moonbeam, we have to re-capture it everyday of our lives.

We have to keep nurturing our testimonies. We can't just assume that we have one and it's going to be there forever. This life is a continuous battle of keeping our testimonies safe and keeping satan out of our lives. We can't even for a moment let our guard down and allow anything to happen to our testimonies. It's by doing the small and simple things (scriptures, praying, etc.) that will help us to be able to keep our testimony safe and strong.


I went to the singles ward today.... I'm really going to try this summer to keep going to it and have a better attitude towards it than I had last summer. I just feel out of place in the family ward these days... I mean it's all good... I just don't feel like it's where I should be. So I guess the only alternative is the singles ward haha. We'll see how it goes...


Regina said...

Our relief society lessons yesterday was about puting the full armor of God on. It was a really good reminder! Good luck with the singles ward!

Sarah A. said...

I (Sarah Huggard) just discovered your blog. :) I will probably be a follower. :)
I hope you're doing well, Megan!

Here's that quote you were talking about:

“Testimony isn’t something you have today and you are going to have always. A testimony is fragile. It is as hard to hold as a moonbeam. It is something you have to recapture every day of your life.” --President Harold B. Lee