Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know they're customers... but really???

(this is how I sometimes feel)

Oh my. I'm very glad that I have a job. I feel very blessed to have one, especially when most of my college friends are still looking (no one is hiring these days!), but sometimes work is rough! Especially when it involves customers. Some customers are very nice and easy to work with. These are the ones I love. But some customers are AWFUL! I mean really!?!? Sometimes I wonder why customers feel the need to be so rude and/or lazy! Come one there really is no need for a store to look as messy as Ross did tonight. I seriously wonder sometimes if putting clothes back on a hanger, or picking up clothes that have gotten dropped, or putting away a cart, or bringing stuff you don't want back up to customer service to be properly put away is really all that hard. I mean seriously? And is putting something back where you got it that hard? And do not get me started on the carts! Oh my gosh! I get so annoyed when people just leave a cart sitting in the middle of the store ESPECIALLY when there are a pile of clothes and stuff in it! Ugh, I'm tempted to post signs throughout the store that tell customers that if they aren't going to put the stuff back where they got it, AT LEAST take it to an employee or to customer service so that they can put it away where it goes. It makes things so much easier. I feel like I spent my whole 8 hr shift today picking up after people.
Sorry, for venting like that. I've just realized after working retail how much harder it makes my job when customers don't clean up after themselves. I used to think oh well I can just leave this here because someone who works here will get it, it's their job. But, my thinking has definitely changed. Once every customer gets that mind set, pretty soon the WHOLE store is trashed. And usually we employees have a hard time keeping up with it because there is only so many of us, and we are also trying to meet the needs of the customers in the store as well. Its hard sometimes, especially on busy Saturdays like today.

The plus side of today? A cute boy got hired :). Haha.

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