Saturday, September 26, 2009

my ward, FHE family, & experiences at college

Hey! I thought it was time for me to update again. It's interesting how each semester is so different from the others. Situations and circumstances change. The people you hang out with sometimes change. I've decided that college is just a world of changes. Especially at Snow because it is only a two year college it seems like the people there are always changing because people don't seem to stay very long. Some only come for a semester, some only a year, others more than the two years required. This year with my roommates new challenges arise. For the most part my roommate situation is a lot better than last year. I have roommates that I actually get a long with and we don't have many problems when it comes right down to it. Last year was pretty much heck when it came to roommate problems. There was a new problem everyday. This year we don't have a whole lot of problems. I mean the extent of our problems this year is just the fact that Kenzie's boyfriend is ALWAYS over. It's starting to be a slight concideration problem with her. But it's something we'll have to learn to work out.
I do have to say that this year I LOVE my ward a lot. Last year I didn't really like my ward to be completely honest. I loved my bishopric, they were awesome but my ward itself was slightly large. We also had FHE as a ward and I didn't like it cause not very many people would come and stuff. So I thought it was pretty lame lol. This year however my ward is farly small and I LOVE THAT! It makes it feel a lot more friendlier and it's easier to get to know more people. Also my apartment complex makes up pretty much half my ward. So I know more people. We do FHE different too. The first two mondays of the month are as a ward, but I don't mind that because people actually go! It's great. Then the last one or two mondays of the month we have FHE in our groups/families. I absolutly LOVE my family/group! They are awesome! We have a lot of fun awesome people. We also have people in our group that'll actually come and participate in family home evening. I like it a lot. It makes me extremely happy to have such great friends and people in my ward. The people you live with and are surrounded with definately make a difference in what kind of experience you will have at college. While last year was fun and had it's great moments, this year is fun in a whole different way! It's great. I love college and the experiences you have while attending college. It's great.
Here is a picture of my family home evening group minus one. Kenzie didn't stay for all of it, so she missed out on the picture we took at the end.

Aren't we just so fabulous... haha

- m e g a n ♥

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