Saturday, September 19, 2009

and the results are

OK, so I went on my blind date on Thursday. It was fun and I enjoyed it. The guy was nice and all but I don't think I would care going on another date with him. I feel so bad haha, because my roommate had such high hopes. I don't think he is cute at all... and I mean you know that'd be nice if he was haha. I'm not really sure how much we really have in common and I don't even know if he is LDS or not so I dunno. But I'm glad I got to have the experience of my first date. At least I can now say that I have been on one lol. I kind of ran out of things to say and talk about after a while so it got kind of awkward.
Anyway, It seems like the past couple of weekends it's only been a couple of us home for the weekend. Last weekend it was me and Breanne, and now this weekend it's me and Kenzie. Breanne was around last weekend. I was the one who wasn't really. Kenzie has a boyfriend so I don't think she'll be around much today. She is going out to lunch with him so ya that leaves me here all by my lonesome haha. Oh well, I'll find something to do or someone to hang out with. I get to go home next weekend! It's one of my good friends wedding reception so I'm going to go home for that. I'm so excited and happy for her!
Anyway, I'm going to end this post :). I'll update again soon!

- m e g a n ♥


Regina said...

Well I guess you could saying that dating has its ups and downs! Glad you get to go home next weekend! Tell everyone I said hi!

Jen said...

Awesome. You remember what us YW leaders always say, "you've got to meet a few frogs, before you find your prince."

Dating is a lot different in real life than what we see on tv/movies. It sounds like you did just fine.

Keep working hard.