Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a program on my computer called gimp which is kind of like photoshop. I have been playing around with it and seeing what kinds of things I can do with it. I decided that I wanted a new desktop background for my computer. I looked up wallpapers and stuff on google but I didn't really find anything I wanted so I thought maybe I'll try and make one on gimp. This is what I came up with:

640 x 480
1280 x 800

You're welcome to click on it and save it if you like it :) haha. The first one is for a smaller computer screen and the second one is for a widescreen laptop. You can try and see which one fits your screen. It has some of my favorite music artists on it and their first names. Well that's all for tonight! Good night :)...or good morning haha, I'm up a little bit too late...

- m e g a n


Steph said...

Those are pretty cool!!! Good job. Can you design me one?

Megan said...

ya sure :). What do you want on it?

LeMiece said...

Nice job! They look awesome!