Saturday, May 30, 2009


Well, I officially started my new job at Ross! :). I worked for my third day today and I'm working for a fourth tomorrow. It looks like they are going to be giving me about 20 hrs a week, which is great! It's more than I was expecting. But I'm afraid it might not be good enough. Finding jobs these days is tough. I honestly would not have gotten this job if the manager wasn't in my ward. I'm very grateful to him for it too! I don't really know what I'm going to do to get some extra money... the times I work during the day at Ross vary. He's not limiting me to just nights or mornings or anything. He is putting me where I fit in. So, I don't really want to risk getting another job and having my hours get cut at Ross to fit it in... So, I'm trying to find other things. Like possibly giving flute lessons. I've tried to advertise that I will teach them to some of the younger students around here... but so far no one is interested. I don't know why.... haha. I tried the same thing last summer and no luck whatsoever. Oh well. Life goes on right?

Anyway, the people at Ross are very nice! The managers are great and everyone is pretty easy to work with. It's definitely one of the better jobs that I have had :). I think that I learn easier and better when I have such nice patient people all around me. I have had some jobs in the past where the people aren't like that and I have always struggled with that. I am more confident in my abilities when I don't have someone constantly criticizing my every move and stuff like my first boss did. She was the devil! But oh well. I think that it helped that I started with that actually because now every job I get I compare it to that one and it automatically seems much better! Lol. Well anyway I have to work tomorrow so I think I should probably go to bed now :). Till next time! ♥

- m e g a n ♪♫


Steph said...

Sounds like an ok summer job. Im glad that you like it!!!! Miss ya!

LeMiece said...

Congrats on the job! I hope you like it! Thanks for helping me with my blog. I really appreciate it!