Sunday, May 17, 2009


I never know what to title my posts... so they are sometimes a bit random. Like tonight's post haha. Anyway, I got another job interview. I've pretty much given up on the daycare. They still haven't contacted me and It's been a little over a week since they said they'd let me know. I even called them and they still haven't told me if I got the job or not. So I'm guessing I didn't get hired, which is ok because I now have a job interview at Ross tomorrow at 3. I'm kind of nervous because I'm bad at interviewing haha. I never know what to say. But I'm also excited because chances are that I'll get this job. The manager is in my ward and said that I would more than likely get hired. I'm also getting to babysit the kids Emily nanny's for for most of the day because she will be at school. That should be exciting. I get to play with fun cute twin 2 year olds & make some money at the same time :). Aw, I just love little kids. Seriously I wish somedays I was one again. I mean I'm glad that I'm not anymore because being older presents a lot of great opportunities! But, I sometimes I wish I could just time warp back to being a little kid just like in Zelda! Haha. Then I wouldn't have so much to worry about and I could escape the realities of adulthood. Sounds pretty nice. I'm really sad that I didn't get that job at the day care. Honestly I think it'd be so much fun to have a job where all you had to do was play with toys and kids all day. This is why I want to do pre-school when I'm older. I got called to help in the nursery in my home ward so that'll be so much fun :). I just think that working with children is so rewarding. They teach you so much it's crazy! They are just so innocent and some of the things that come out of their mouths are amazing haha. Sometimes kids are just so wise... and sometimes they just say really silly things that make my day. I volunteered at the day care at Snow this last semester a few times for my human development class. The kids were sooo fun! One day when me and my friend were there one of the little boys was talking about something... I'm not really sure what, but we said to him that whatever he was talking about would hurt. He looked at us and said, Oh it won't hurt you it'll just kill you. It was the most random thing but it totally made me laugh.

- m e g a n ♥

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Steph said...

How funny. Kids are such special gifts from Heavenly Father. And BTW the video above
is awsome!!!!!!