Saturday, May 16, 2009

making decisions...

I have this problem. It's called I can't decide on anything! It's bad. Those of you who read my blog regularly or at least as often as I actually update, know that I am always changing my blogs look. My banner, background, pictures, and font colors are always changing. It's because I like so many different things that I could never just decide on one! So, instead I use them all. I try to keep up one look for at least a couple of days before I change it. I have this problem with just about every decision I make. It's a disease that won't go away! I went shopping today and found three different shirts that I wanted so badly! But I could only afford to get two of them. It was such a struggle just to chose which one I was going to leave behind. I finally figured it out though, don't you fret. I'm worried though that this is going to happen with me when the time comes to get married. What if I just can't figure it out if I'm supposed to marry that person. Ugh, it's lame. With a blog look I can just go back and forth between different ones... but I don't think that works the same way with marriage. Sorry, marriage is on the mind. It tends to happen when it seems like everyone you know is getting hitched. But that is way off topic. We are talking about decisions not weddings (although I guess that is related in a way). Anyway, the whole purpose in this blog post was to actually update today :), and to explain to you why, yet again, my blog look has changed. Thank you for listening/reading my ramblings.
Till next time!

- m e g a n ♥

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Regina said...

Decisions decisions decisions!! Seems like there is always one right in front of you!! And it doesn't get any better, let me tell you. You just make the best choice pertaining to the situation. So with that said, when it comes to marriage, I know you've heard it before, but you will KNOW when it's the right person, right time, and right place. If it's not right you WILL know! And believe it or not, your parents are very good at giving advice!