Wednesday, May 20, 2009

american idol & painting my room =)

Tonight was the season 8 finale for American Idol.  This years American Idol is.................. KRIS ALLEN!  Um yes, this is very shocking.  Adam Lambert was supposed to win!  He was amazing and so consistantly good!  Even Kris's face looked overwhelmingly shocked when it was announced who the winner was.  He didn't even have anything so say in response!  It was crazy.  But hey, I'm happy for the guy... and not to mention that he is incredibly georgeous!  I mean come one he was loads better looking then Adam.  Too bad he is married eh?  He was pretty good though so it's ok that he won it.  :) I'm happy for him.

And now for some different news, I am going to paint my room.  I haven't actually decided what color I am doing it yet.  I have two different options.  Pink and purple.  Here are some pictures of the colors... I dont know how well they will look on here, but it'll give you an idea at least. 
If you guys would like to give me your opinion on which shades you like best please leave a comment :).  In each picture the two shades are together.  I'm doing my room two different shades of the same color.

- m e g a n

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Regina said...

I definately like the purple colors! That's my vote!