Sunday, May 24, 2009

a long update... this happens when I don't do it for a while :)


I guess I have to try out the singles ward... ugh. I got a phone call this morning asking me if I would be able to go meet with the bishop at 5 pm today. I said I would and wondered most of the day what the meeting could be about. I was actually convinced that I was getting a calling or something because on my first Sunday back the bishop looked at me and said welcome back to the ward and you don't have a calling yet! So I was pretty sure that it was a calling. I sat and waited on the chairs outside his office and after a while on of the other girls in my ward, Chelsea (she graduated the year before me) showed up. She said that she thought he might be giving us a calling too. After about five minutes Alina (a girl who graduated with me) showed up. She too was thinking about callings. Chelsea said it might be just to visit with us since we all three had been gone to college for the last nine months. I went in first. I soon realized that he wasn't giving me a calling at all. He said he had been told to "encourage" me to go to the singles ward. He had called Chelsea and Alina in too for the same thing. Ugh, Lame sauce! I was thinking that I was getting out of going to the singles ward because nobody had forced me yet. Our singles ward doesn't have a very good reputation. It's got a lot of older (closer to 30's) aged people who go to it. Not that this is a bad thing, because it's not. It's just not what the younger people like me want to go to. I've been to my friend Tonya's singles ward in another stake here in town and I absolutely love it. I know so many people in that ward its insane! I honestly wish I had a car (and not to mention a license haha...) so that I could just get to the high school institute building and attend her ward. Seriously. If I have to go to a singles ward I'd rather it be that one. But I guess I'll try mine out... who knows, maybe I'll like it... (although, I seriously doubt that...). I'm actually thinking of finding a way to get to Tonya's ward. Because not only have a heard things about my own singles ward, but it's also at 2 in the afternoon!!! Until 5 at night!!!!!! Ugh, I hate late church like that. My bishop ended up calling us all in at once to talk to us about the singels ward. Alina was like what the heck I'm not even single! She's practically engaged... and then Chelsea also has a man of her own and is going on a mission so she isn't exactly wanting to be married off... which is (no matter what they try to tell us!) pretty much the reason for a singles ward! They keep on telling us that it's not about finding someone to marry and blah blah blah blah blah, but seriously what do you call putting all the single adult males and females in the same ward. It's called providing opportunities for singles to meet each other... aka: the meat market!!! Sigh, I know that they are just trying to help... but honestly I don't want to go to the "meat market" where seriously the guys only choose to date the "hot babes" anyway. It's lame and annoying. I'm sorry about the venting lol. I just seem to find myself in a very awkward and weird stage of life at this moment in time. I mean, I've been graduated from high school for a whole year this week, and I still feel like I'm that high school age even though I just finished my first year of college. I feel like I'm inbetween adulthood and childhood right now. It's pretty confusing. I honestly don't know what to think. The world considers me and adult because I am the age of 18 (almost 19) but yet I still feel like I should be a high schooler who isn't expected to take full responsibility of things. I really honestly don't feel like I'm old enough to be married. I used to think that when people said they were married at age 18 or 19 that they were old. But now that I'm that age I really don't feel like I'm ready for that at all. Despite the fact that my friends and acquaintences are getting engaged and married all around me I still don't feel like any of us should really be at that stage in our lives yet. I used to think that I would feel more grown up at this point than I really do. Sigh... It's kind of a hard time in my life right now I think.

Well, on to much more positive things :D. On Friday I went to my brother's dance festival. It was fun not only to see the elementary kids and my brothers dance to the dances they had worked so hard on but also to see the teachers I had when I was that age! It's crazy. None of them have seemed to change much and I have changed LOADS! I guess that's normal though. Kids change a lot in six or more years, but adults don't change all that much. A couple of them have got some gray hair but other than that not much different. It was also fun to see a friend from elementary school (Sarah) there seeing her brothers dance as well. I haven't seen her for a year so it was pretty cool to talk to her for a second.

After the dance festival me and my friend Cynthia went to Ikea because I have never been there. I had heard it was amazing and Cynthia told me she was definitely going to take me so that I could have the experience :). It was pretty awesome! And to make things better it's not at all that expensive either! It's pretty cheap which is awesome because I love a lot of the things they have there. Ikea is a house furnishing store in case you didn't know... although I'm sure you would. I'm not really sure how well known Ikea is. We only got one a few years ago, so I don't know lol. After Ikea we went to the Scholastic Book Fairs warehouse with her mom. Me and Cynthia actually found a book that looked really interesting and we both bought ourselves a copy of it. It's called The Night I Disappeared. Sounds pretty good so I hope it is. I also bought a poster of the Jonas Brothers for Emily. She is obsessed I swear. It was pretty fun. After I had this sweet adventure Tonya came over to my house and we watched Step up, the most amazing movie ever! Haha, ok maybe it's not the most amazing movie ever, but it is still pretty dang good! I love the dancing in it the most. That is mostly why I ♥ it so much. That and the guy in it is amazingly georgeous! Seriously. It's Chatum Tanning. If you haven't seen Step Up or don't know who he is, he is also the guy in She's the Man. Which is also a really good movie. If you haven't seen that either I don't know what to tell you because those are the only movies I have seen him in haha. :) sorry.

Allie gave my name and number to a girl who was trying to get 100 free facials done for Mary Kay. She is a Mary Kay consultant and was trying to accomplish something by giving facials. I don't really know what it was, but I thought what the heck, why not get a free facial and help the girl out. My appointment was Saturday at noon. I was not about to do it alone however. I didn't really want to sit there and get a facial by a girl I had never met and not have any friends with me! So I invited Cynthia, my sister, and Tonya over to my house to get facials too :). It was actually a lot of fun. The Mary Kay girl was very nice and fun to work with. It was definately a lot more fun to do when I had my friends there. Of course she tried to sell us all make up and we all turned that offer down (being offered Mary Kay make up isn't the funnest thing when you are a poor college student haha). Emily was actually the only one who bought anything, but she had won a game we had played and got some money off of some product.

After the Mary Kay party thingy me and Tonya went over to Allie's sisters house to help Allie dog sit, while Angie (her sister) was out with her husband and her inlaws because it was her mother inlaws birthday. We put the dogs in their cages and went to eat lunch at the food court of the mall because Allie hadn't eaten lunch and neither had we. And then we went to Walmart to buy cookie dough. We went back to Angie's and made the cookies and had them with milk :). It was yummy. And then we just sat and talked for a long while. We then drove to the provo temple and sat in the parking lot and talked some more haha. I know random but hey, we three can talk for literally hours and never run out of things to say I swear! I love that about our friendship. It's so great to have someone that you can talk to about anything. I can honestly tell Allie and Tonya about anything. I can also be myself around them completely and I know they won't judge me or ditch me as a friend haha. It's great and I ♥ it :). We also went to see Allie's new apartment for fall semester. She met this girl named Debbie at college and became really close friends. Aparently this girl has been living in an apartment by herself this last school year. So Allie is going to move in and be her roommate. So there will be two of them. This girl has a nice apartment too! I guess she is rich so she's got a pretty sweet setup for a college girls apartment. But I'm happy for Allie. I think she will have a blast. It will definately be a lot better than her current situation. She lives in an apartment with some pretty strange roommates. One of them doesn't speak very good english, one is a divorced 30 year old and is really strange I guess. Her roommates have changed a couple of times. First off they were a bunch of foreigners. None of them spoke very good english at all. And then most of them moved out and she got some really good roommates. Some that were actually around her age. And now she is back to the ones not her age at all. She does have one roommate that is closer in age and Allie loves her, so that's good. Aparently that girl just moved in to be Allie's room roommate. I think it'll be really nice for Allie to move out and move in with Debbie who is a close friend. She will have fun and she deserves it :D.

Well I'm done updating for now! :D

- m e g a n


Regina said...

lol! You make me laugh with your description of the singles ward. It is true I think! They are trying to get everyone married!

Also, it's ok if you don't feel old enough to be thinking about meeting a guy and getting married. Don't be a big hurry! You're still young!!

I love IKEA!! Always have to go there when I'm in Utah!

Jessica said...

I know what you mean with Singles Ward!! I hardly go to mine but yeah...uh...if you want you can come with me to my ward...I know you'd probably like going to Tonya's more but I could probably pick you up for it and everything. Mine starts at 1 in the afternoon...