Saturday, November 22, 2008

twillight and other randomness

Today was the day that Twilight finally came to theater's.  Many girls around the nation were awaiting this phenomenon to come to the big screen for quite sometime.  I had wanted to go to the midnight showing of it, but I unfortunately life in Ephraim.  The smallest town I think I have ever had the misfortune to live in.  Nah, I'm just kidding I like it here, but anyway.  At first we didn't think they would even be doing a midnight showing here.  We found out about a few days ago that they were doing one, but they would only be doing it in one theater room.  Lame, if you ask me.  Come on how many people were they expecting to show up?  Five?  Psh, heck no.  There were plenty more than that.  The theater only seats 200, so they had to count off the line to see how many people could actually see it.  I was about ten people off from being able to get tickets!!!  And what made me mad, was the fact that there were a ton of line cutters.  Meaning that I could have gotten tickets if all those people hadn't of butted in line!  But, oh well.  Life moves on.  We did get to purchase tickets for today.  Me and the friends that I was with bought tickets to the 4 o'clock showing this afternoon.
Now to the part you have all been waiting for.  Megan's thoughts on the Twilight movie.  Lol,  well you probably haven't really been waiting for it, but here it is anyway.  I thought that they did a pretty good job at sticking to the story and the plot of book.  They followed it very closely and rarely changed anything.  If they did change anything it was so minor that you wouldn't even notice if you weren't sitting there analyzing it.  I thought it moved the story along a little bit too fast though.  They didn't really give the characters or anything a chance to develop.  I also thought that some of the movie was cheesy.  I'm not gonna lie.  There were some parts that I couldn't help but just laugh.  Edward looks constipated through part of it too.  This is all I am going to say on the movie apart from that I liked it but didn't at the same time.  Now it is time for you to see it and form your own opinion on it.  :)
Before I end this post though, I have to share a funny story.  Okay, well maybe it was only funny if you were there...but I'll tell it anyway.  Maybe it will make some of you laugh at mine and Kaitlin's stupidity.  Tonight at about 10:30-ish almost 11 pm, me and Kaitlin walked out to the parking lot to get in her car.  It was dark outside and we were kind of freaking ourselves out about things.  There is a house over the fence from our parking lot that looks pretty creepy, I'm not gonna lie.  There was weird lights flashing in the front window of it.  We are pretty sure it was just a TV, but hey we were just freaking ourselves out haha.  Then as we got into her car the street light above us popped on.  This was nothing weird...until a few minutes later it just randomly shut off.  Kaitlin screamed and pulled her foot back into the car.  It was pretty funny.  But the really creepy thing of the night hadn't happened quite yet.  We had to run back inside and get Kaitlin's money so that she could go to the gas station and we were walking out and there was this white car sitting there running, but there was no one in it.  Because of everything that had happened previously, this struck me as kind of creepy.  So, as we walked by it I said: "that's not creepy or anything".  As we got into Kaitlin's car the break lights of the white car all of a sudden turned on as if somebody was sitting in it.  Kaitlin was like "Oh my gosh!  the lights are on on that car!"  We quickly shut our doors, breathing pretty heavily.  As we started pulling out of the parking lot the break lights turned off.  This freaked us out even more.  As we drove by it I looked in the front window and there was still nobody in it!  Then all of a sudden the lights turned completely off.  This was really freaky to us for some reason.  It was just this thought of a car controlling itself.  Um...pretty much freaky!!!  lol.  
Well, anyway, that was my funny/scary story for the day.  :)  I hope you enjoy laughing at all the stupid things I do.  Until next time!!!  

Megan ♥


Regina said...
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Regina said...

I had to delete my comment because it had a typo! Well anyways, I must be a total dork, because I liked Twilight. Other than the fact that the actors weren't as "experienced" but overall it was pretty good!

Steph said...

I can't wait to see the movie!!!! Yeah, the car thing freaky!!!

Ashley said...

Hey megan is loved twilight i loved how it followed the book my favorite part was the piano scene anyways

miss ya