Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I am home for Thanksgiving weekend. I am so excited to be home for longer that only a couple of days. It is just nice to be where I have my own room and where there isn't as much going on. I finished my schedule for spring semester. This last semester I kind of had some harder classes, so for spring I decided I wanted to take a lighter load. I was going to try for less credits until I realized that I have to keep at least 15 credits to keep one of my scholarships. I ended up with 16 credits. This is what I am going to take: Art, band, flute choir, beginning piano, human development, psychology, and british lit. There are only a few of those classes that are probably going to take a lot of effort and work for them.
Anyway, that is all I am gonna write about today :).


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Steph said...

Im glad that you got to go home. Did you have a good time???