Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm so sorry I haven't been updating lately.  I have been busy.  For some reason everyone went home this weekend, so that is where I am right now.  Home.  It was nice to just have a break though.  Sometimes I just want to get away.  

The other day they passed around the paper that asks you if you are staying in the same room or dorm you are in or not.  At first I was like whatever I am going to just stay.  There are a ton of girls moving out or switching rooms.  My friend Jackie is leaving and going to BYU next semester so her roommate and my other friend Brittanyis without a roommate.  Kaitlin was going to buy the contract from Jackie and live there instead of with her grandparents because they got there mission call.  They were supposed to leave in December.  They messed up on the paper though, they aren't leaving until April now.  Which means Kaitlin is just going to live with them again to save money so that she can move out next year.  When Brittany found this out she looked at me and said you should move in here with me!  I said that I wish I could but they are more expensive.  I kept thinking about it though.  I had to take out a loan for housing and stuff for next semester but I had taken out extra just incase.  So, when I came home this weekend I talked to my parents about it.  They decided that I should just move out and into Brittany's room.  Especially since my roommate situation at the moment is not exactly ideal.  The only down side to this decision is that Brittany is in a sleep study, which means there is no kitchen or anything.  It is just a bedroom.  I decided though that I would rather give up my kitchen and stuff to have a roommate that is going to be a roommate, instead of keep my kitchen and live another semester with a roommate who never talks to me.  

All I have to do when I get back is go talk to housing and find out what to do with my contract and buy Jackie's.  I'm so excited!  I LOVE Brittany.  She is awesome.  We've grown a lot closer the last few weeks.  It's great.  We both play the flute haha.  I don't know if that has anything to do with anything but hey.  It is funny though cause we came from rival band schools.  Me from American Fork and her from Davis.  But we just laugh at this pretty much all the time.

Cassi, is um changing...she is moving out of the dorms completely.  I don't know where she is going to live.  I wonder if I will ever see her again?  And then I thought that Kaitlin wasn't going to be able to come to school at all next semester lol.  She thought that tuition was 1900 a semester when really it is that much for a full year.  Haha.  I laughed so hard when I found out what it really was.  I called her today and said Kailtin I have great news!  She was happy to hear it.  It definately made my day.  I was going to cry if she couldn't come back to school.  

Once again I am so sorry guys!  I need to get better at updating this thing.
Until next time!



Crystalina said...

Megan im so glad you decided to do what makes you happy! I hope things work out that you will be able to do that. I hipe my roommate issue works out for me too.

megan said...

um actually cassi isn't even moving out lol

Steph said...

Wow!!! Sounds like an exciting move. How long do you get to go home for Thanksgiving?