Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My band class got canceled! Sweet! This is the first time it has happened all year, so it's pretty exciting.

I just got done gathering some stuff up so that I am ready to leave when Kaitlin gets back from work. She is giving me a ride home. It feels wierd cause I was just home this last weekend for my sister's marching band competition. I came back for three days and here I am getting ready to leave, once again. This time I am leaving because it is Fall Break (or UEA), so we get a four day weekend! I'm pretty much excited. It is way way way too hot in these dorms! It was really cold at the beginning of the week so they turned on the heat, but today the temperature shot up about 20 degrees. I actually have my window wide open so that I don't suffocate from the heat. I really hope it isn't going to be this way for the rest of the winter. I like it when it is still somewhat cold. I love to get into my warm PJ's and curl up in a blanket.

I'm sorry I don't keep this thing updated like I should. I never think about updating this thing anymore. Every once in a while I will get this random thought about updating my blog but I usually just blow it off cause I'm too busy with something else. Last night was the first True Badger night of the year. True Badger night is a tradition that Snow College has where you go to the bell tower and you kiss somebody at midnight, while the bell chimes. Me and my two friends Brittany and Jackie (they live down the hall from me) were going to go sabatouge it, but we never got to it. Instead we did something pretty funny. We ran over to one of the dorm buildings across campus and snuck into these boys room (they are in our ward). We took a plunger and stuck it to their TV and then Jackie wrote a note. It said "take the plunge and become a true badger". She signed it from the Hosie G's (this is kind of an inside joke between those two). We then ran outside and wrote with window paint markers on most of the doors and windows. It was pretty funny. After that we went to these other guy's apartment and we played rock band for a while. We unfortunately missed the hilariousness of True Badger night. Instead, we ran over to yet another dorm building and wrote more things all over their windows. It was pretty funny. We then took pictures of us with Brittany's camera. Here are some of them :) -

This one is of me and Jackie :)

This is our circle of life, haha

These are two of the coolest girls I have ever met! lol (they are roommates. Jackie is leaving to attend BYU next semester. It is going to be soooo lonely without her haha!)

There were others, but these are the cute ones lol.



Steph said...

Sounds so fun. Im glad that you have made some friends. Luv U!!!

Jessica said...

Wow i wish my life was that exciting! it would be so much fun to be there with you...although i don't know if your roommates would like me...and i don't want to be a pain either lol. Which i probably would get cranky every so often so i guess its kinda good i'm not there...but i miss you soo soo much its not even funny. Its hard being at home with no friends around. i guess its time to make new ones but i've never liked that part...ever. lol, but it sounds like you had a blast! That's totally cool, but i'd have to say that i would go to the badger night :P lol. Talk to ya soon!

Jen said...

I LOVED true badger night!!! Ha!Ha! You are so missing out....

I am glad you are having such a great time. College is the best! Snow is the best!

It was good to see you a couple of times. Keep working hard and have fun!

P.S. The dorms only have 2 tempatures sweltering hot or freezing cold....