Monday, December 1, 2008

just two more weeks...

It was definately a blast to just be home for a few days. In some ways I kind of missed being here at school, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't the school part I missed lol. I know I am in college and I am here because I want to be...well I do have a few classes that I can't stand and I am definately really, really excited to get out of them! I just can't wait until I get most of those boring generals out of the way. Like math. Math is one that I don't really get. Why do we have to take so many math classes...when math is not what everyone goes into. Especially us people who are horrible at math. I had to start in the lowest math class offered at college because I struggled with math all through high school. This means I have to take two more classes just to get passed the math classes that don't count for math credit and then I can finally get into the class that actually counts! It's stupid in my opinion. But they obviously didn't ask me.
Anyway, my Thanksgiving break was pretty fun. On Wednesday morning I had to take a trip to the dentist. That was a blast lol. It was only a check up thank goodness and I didn't have anything wrong with my teeth :). Later that day we went and raked leaves at my grandma's house for her after which she took us to lunch at Sub Way. On Wednesday night I went and hung out with my three of my really good friends...oh and plus one. We had a boy along with us. A boy that was there for Keeley. Lol. They are officially dating now...so I'm thinking we are gonna see quite a bit now... haha. That's okay though. He is a way nice kid. On Thursday I had a fun time at my grandparents house having my favorite foods ever!!!! The rest of the week I pretty much spent it at home. It was nice to have a long break away from school. And of course I didn't even do any homework. Lame.
Now, I have finals to freak out over!!!!! Ugh. But I'm very glad that classes are almost over. I am hoping I like next semesters classes better. They seem like they might be funner. But I don't know.
Well, not much to say! I'm just waiting for our tub to drain out! Our drain clogs up really easily and it takes forever to drain. It's lame. I need to take a shower!!! And I don't want to wait until too late.

-Megan ♥

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Steph said...

Sounds like you had a really good time. Take care of your self.