Saturday, May 24, 2008

graduation randomness

I have added music to my blog! That is exciting. There is only a few of my favorite songs included on there right now, but I will be adding more soon.
Anyway, I have discovered something. I like the fact that I am graduating even more now. I keep recieving money in the mail! lol. Okay, so I have only gotten money from two different people, but hey it's money right? Maybe I will get some more soon. I really can't beleive that I only have 2 days of high school left. It's crazy! They aren't even real days of school either. It's like a party in every class.
The end of the year is always fun for the seniors anyway. We had our Senior Sluff Day day last Wednesday. We all get to ditch school and have fun up in the canyon. It was raining and snowing the whole time but ah well. That is another thing that is crazy, snow in May!!!!! That usually doesn't happen to much around here. It was wierd lol.
Well, I am going to end this here and experiment some more with this whole blogging thing.


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