Tuesday, January 11, 2011

testing 1,2,3

I learned how to do this cool new thing! It's called a blockquote.  It's a cool way to set apart quotes and things from the rest of a post. It kind of cleans things up a bit. Makes things a little easier to read maybe? I think it adds a little something to my blog too :)

Today is 1/11/11!  I hope you made lots and lots of wishes today, because I didn't.  Dang it I missed 11:11 by about 15 minutes! :(  That means I missed 11:11 twice today.  This only happens  one in a life time peoples!  1/11/11 11:11 <-- seriously, that is an insane amount of 1's.  Oh well, I'll just have to remember to think about that again when it's 11/11/11 11:11 this November :).  If I remember by then.  That's like 11 months away.  Holy cow.  Although I'm sure it'll fly by.  Time has a way of doing that sometimes.


anna :) said...

hey megan. thanks for your sweet blogger comment! :)

as of now i'm taking a break...wellll actually i'm grounded. but i'll be back february 8th :)

anna :)

morgan. said...

cute! & i love your signature at the bottom. do you have to upload a picture of that every time you post, or is there a specific post formatting you have?