Wednesday, December 1, 2010

you wanna know a secret?

i have realized recently that there are lots of things that i never tell anyone.  there are lots of little things about me that a lot of people don't know, because they are things you just don't think about sharing with people.  so here are some "secrets" about me (sorry the list is kind of long haha):

i am slightly OCD about a few certain things.
when i am doing crafts & projects they have to be perfect.
when i get up in the mornings, i have to splash water on my face or i cannot continue with the day.
i haven't worn make up for two or three months.  i've seriously grown tired of keeping up with it, so i've chosen to go natural.
i have a slight obsession with buying clothes.  its bad.
i have Tinnitus- constant ringing of the ears.  i have had it since i was young.
i love making new friends. it is probably one of my favorite things ever.
i tend to stress and worry.  a lot.
i get really really dry skin in the winter.  seriously.  my hands are cracking as i write.
i tend to keep my opinions to myself and rarely share them. unless it's on this blog.
i don't really know how to stick up for myself.  i'm learning and getting better at it, but i still struggle with it.
my friends know me as crazy, loud and outgoing.  strangers in my classes at school think of me as shy and quiet.
i struggled making friends in elementary school.  i was slightly awkward i guess.
the future and the unknown seriously frighten me sometimes.
one of my biggest fears is ending up an old single lady with cats.
i am a hopeless romantic & love fairy tales.
i love quotes & pictures.  combining the two together somehow = an amazing thing.
i used to be a huge Harry Potter fan.  Still am but I have mellowed out a lot. I've been a fan since I was 9.
when i turned 11 i secretly hoped i'd get my Hogwarts letter.  when it didn't come i was disappointed.
i love talking to friends for long hours at a time.
i love rain more than sunny weather.
thunder storms are my favorite weather.
i'm chicken and scared to drive the freeway.
i love shopping for school supplies.
i'm obsessed with pictures & my rooms walls are full of them.
i love the smell of coffee.  it reminds of me of barns and noble, which reminds me of books.
i am 20 yrs old and i have only ever been on one date.
boys scare me.  especially attractive ones.
i love playing nancy drew computer games.  i've played them since i was 12 & i still love them to this day.
when i paint my nails they don't last more than a day.  i pick at them till all the polish is gone.
i have never ever had a cavity
i love the disney channel. for a while hannah montana was my favorite show.
i have the urge to buy baby clothes quite frequently.
i cry.  a lot.
i hate calling places on the phone.  i also hate answering the phone unless i know who the person is.
i have to wear a cami under my shirts.
i dread showering. (don't worry i do it anyway).
i keep everything.
i'm a very sentimental person.
i am a huge procrastinator.
i have a hard time coming out of my comfort zone.  i cut myself short a lot of times because of this.

ok i'm done.  you deserve an award if you got through all of it.


morgan. said...

oh, i concur : my apathy for showering is quite a problem.

i, however, would like to keep my friends. so i still shower regularly.

im glad im not alone in this.

Jessica said...

hahaha I acutally knew a lot of those things! Love you much Megan!! We need to get together soon. :)

Steph said...

Love you Megan!