Friday, December 3, 2010

oh what a life.

At 3:05 pm, when I decided to actually get dressed for the day, I realized that I like doing school online.  Sure, I don't have a huge social life or anything (unless you count my online social life haha) but I get to go to school in my PJ's!!!  How exciting is this?  Ya, I thought it was pretty fantastic.

However, It was also when I decided to get dressed for the day that I realized I need more jeans.  I hate pants shopping.  End of discussion.  Sometimes I just wish that everything would fit me perfectly and then I would never have to go through the misery of pant shopping.  I could just see a pair I liked and then buy them because they would be my perfect size and make me look amazing.  Ha, this is how things would work in the land of megan :).


beatlesgirl said...

"I'm in my pjs.... But I'm NOT going to bed.".... Girl from an online school adversiting for some online school.

Caitlin: "Who wears pjs?"

Jessica Kay said...

I agree! I hate pants shopping, I dread it. Internet school is great and all but...you can't go to school with me! And that is very sad, jk jk

Steph said...

I HATE pants shopping too. I think its because It's just too hard to find something that fits just right. *hugs*