Monday, November 15, 2010

day | TWENTY-TWO |

A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear Adversary [or Satan if you will],
Why?  Why do you feel the need to work on me some days?  You know exactly how to get to me.  You know exactly how to make me feel like I am worth nothing.  You know my weaknesses and just the right buttons to push.  Are you really that miserable that you need to get me to fall and feel like crap to make yourself feel better?  Not only do you work hard on me but you work on the people who I love and who are close to me.  It hurts to see them struggle and hurt.  What kind of sick pleasure do you get from all the hate and darkness you bring upon the world?  Do you think it is even going to benefit you in the least?  It won't.  In the end you will have gained nothing and you'll be just as miserable if not more than you are now.


Jessica said...

He works on me very, very, hard to! I hate it, GRR!!

Steph said...

So there with ya girlie! I love you!