Saturday, October 2, 2010

you know your in Utah when

a) you go shopping with your mom and sister and younger brother and there are TONS of women and children shopping because the men are all at priesthood session of conference.

b) every single restaurant is literally packed with men and boys in white shirts and ties after the priesthood session. 

c) the line for ice cream at Macey's is a MILE long.  also all men and boys in white shirts and ties.  

I have seriously never seen so many men in white shirts before.  i guess i usually don't go out on priesthood night of general conference ha ha.  or maybe it's just that i've never paid attention before?   i dunno.

I am seriously so excited that it's conference though.  we get to listen to our prophet AND i get to go to church in pj's how much better can it get!  i am sad that i missed both sessions today.  i worked through both of them!  it was indeed sad.

i hope you all have had and continue to have a wonderful weekend!  enjoy conference! :)


Jessica said...

I know! THis was how i felt yesterday as well. I missed both sessions of conference too :( I was working. Hung out with Caleb though lol so it ended up being lots of fun.

sarah♥'s:sugar said...

I worked in the evening on Saturday night and had to seat that night. Right when it was around 8:15 when the priesthood session just got out. the place was packed. funny thing to all where men. in the front dinning room dressed in good looking suits;) couldn't disagree to that. love this post. love you. love reading.