Tuesday, October 5, 2010

learning to drive stick

I am learning how to drive a stick.  It's pretty entertaining.  I stalled at this one stop sign like 10 times in a row!!!  Talk about embarrassing, especially since there was a huge line behind me!  I about died, i was so embarrassed. Those poor unfortunately people.  I apologize now to anyone reading this if you were one of those unlucky people to be in that long line. Other than that I'm not that bad at it.  I just have a couple of issues with going from a complete stop to moving.  I find it kind of fun actually.  But I'm probably just crazy.

I've written on this blog every day for a while now.  I'm on a roll.  How cool is that?


meg. said...

When i was a small sophomore, i learned to drive a stick. it was nearly the worst thing that had ever happened. i thought it ruined my life.

being a senior, i will never go back to an automatic.

Jessica said...

ha ha ha ha driving stick is amazing!! I love it! Learning it sucks but once you get a hang of it you'll only want to drive that kind of car. So cool that you're learning! Have fun :D