Thursday, October 21, 2010

epic fail

feeling very unoriginal and not at all witty.
not very special and not very awesome.
i feel like i cannot put any feelings into words.
i try to explain but i can't.
nothing makes sense.

i sometimes feel like i can't keep everything together.
i feel so unmotivated to do the things i know i should.
i once again did not take a picture for my project 365. fail.
online classes are not at all getting done lately.
i have neglected both of them far too long.
tomorrow i will do homework.
 i will get caught up & ahead.
i'm breaking this procrastination streak once and for all.

i compare myself to other people way too much.
i need to stop doing that.  now.
it only results in me feeling even stupider about myself.
yes, i know "stupider" isn't a word.
but i just used it anyway. 
i need to go to sleep.
this whole going to bed way too late and getting up way too late has got to end.

i just gotta remember:
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