Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with texting.
I seriously love it but at the same time hate it.
I mean really there are pros and cons to it I think.

PRO: You can talk to your friends pretty much whenever and wherever (within reason)

CON: You can't tell long stories in detail over texting

PRO: It helps me keep in contact with people even more because it's so easy and convenient

CON: Too distracting.  I don't always feel like I'm paying attention to what's going on as much

PRO: It's easier to say some things over text then it is face to face or over the phone

CON: Hard to discuss plans over texting

PRO: You can have two conversations at once!  (over texting & in person, with two different people)  yes!  multi tasking.

I used to text ALL THE TIME.  But back in April my phone broke and I didn't have it at all.  I actually found it kind of nice!  It was nice not to be tide down to my phone.  I noticed that I paid attention more to what was going on around me and I noticed more things.  I found that I LOVED not having my phone haha.  I mean there were times when I was like, dang, my phone would have come in handy at that point, but most of the time it was just nice.  So, once I got a new phone I kind of stopped texting as much.  I still do it a lot because I want to keep in contact with people, but I tend to go long periods of time without looking at my phone... so I tend to ignore a lot of people haha.  Sorry if I ignore a text from you!  It's not cause I hate you or ignoring you.  It's just because I've realized how nice it is not to ALWAYS be texting.

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Jessica said...

I agree! I wish more people communicated through calling/ face to face. Although I suppose I should do better at calling as well... hahah love you Megan! We need to do something soon!