Monday, May 31, 2010

be thou an example...

Somtimes I don't think I realize how much our actions truly do influence those around us. People may be looking to us for examples. Are we leading them astray? Or are we leading them in the right direction?

I hope I'm leading people in the right direction.

But, I know that there are times I do things and then I realize. Uh oh. People might be watching me and this isn't really the best example. I need to remember this more often so that I can make sure that I am doing the things that are the best examples.

This thinking was started by a little experience in church today. In relief society we had a lesson on Elder Holland's talk from this last conference. A comment was made about a popular TV show and how it doesn't show/teach good moral standards. The person sitting next to me made a quiet comment that went something like this: I love that show, I don't see anything wrong with it. Even so and so watches it and she's a really good person! This made me sad. Because I know this TV show, and I don't like it. It doesn't teach anything good in my opinion. It claims that it is teaching good things, but they contradict what they say in the show (which is so decieving! But, I guess Satan is good like that). Anyway, I do not think it is a good show at all, and this person decided it was ok for her to watch because a friend of hers who she held high in her opinion was setting a bad example for her. It just got me thinking. How many times has someone said something like that concerning me. Oh well Megan does that and she's a good person! Oh man. It really makes me re-think some things. I really need to be more careful in my decisions because you never know who may be watching.

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