Sunday, February 21, 2010


OK, I'm so awful! It's been forever since I updated this!!! Crazy. I'm sorry! I'm going to try and update this more often. I feel like I need to bear my testimony today :), so that's what I'm going to do.

This school year has been interesting. I've met so many great and awesome people!!! I am sad that it's all going to be over in just a couple of months :(. I'm excited for the change and for all the awesome people I'll meet in other places, but I'm definitely going to miss it here. I have grown to love the town of Ephraim. I've been thinking back to the last four semesters that I have been here and how much I have grown. I have had trials that I have had to work through and because of those I am gradually becoming a better person. I have grown a lot spiritually. I feel like my testimony has grown so much. I started out my college experience believing in the Gospel and thinking that I had a testimony. But looking back I think I was more still leaning on my parents testimonies and the other people's around me. I had that desire to know for myself but I don't think I had quite gained that yet. I went to church mostly because I knew that was what I was supposed to do and because I knew my parents would be disappointed if I didn't. I now feel like I have a different purpose for going to church and other church meetings. I feel like I go now because I want to learn and I have the desire to better myself. Over the past couple of years I have slowly developed my own testimony. Through experiences and trials I have gained a testimony of prayer. I know now that the Lord hears and answers my prayers. I have began to understand how the Lord talks to me and how my personal prayers are answered. I used to struggle with knowing how to tell when a prayer was answered. But I have a better understanding now. I have began to learn how he talks to me personally. I have realized that I don't know what I would do without the Gospel. It has helped me and comforted me so much since I have been living on my own. I don't have my parents to tell me what to do every second of the day, so I have learned how to rely on the Lord and how to make my own decisions with his help. I have come to realize just how important those little things like praying, reading my scriptures and attending institute really are. I have noticed that just by attending firesides, Friday Forums here at Snow, going to institute, reading my scriptures and saying my prayers every day my testimony has grown so much. I used to think that those things were only little things and that they did not matter. But it has been those little things that have helped my testimony grow. I have also been so blessed since I have been attending Snow College, to make friends with some amazing people. I have met so many awesome people who have been great strengths to me! I think that some of the friends I have made here at Snow have also contributed greatly to my spiritual growth. They are always examples to me and I look up to them :). I have come to realize really how much the people you surround yourself with influence you (if that makes sense? haha). It is so important to surround yourself with close friends who lift you up and make you want to be a better person. I'm so happy that I have been blessed in my life to find friends who are amazing :).

I feel like I'm just rambling so I'm going to end now. I'm hoping to be able to keep up with this blog more! Ah! Life is crazy! Haha, I often forget I even have a blog. Sorry guys! :(.

- m e g a n ♥

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Jessica said...

Wow this was amazing Megan and no worries about not updating, I just updated mine and mine wasn't as detailed as yours. I wish I had more to talk about in my posting...I think its amazing that you have grown so much, I can't wait to see you this next coming semester at UVU. If that's where your still going...I dont' even know anymore lol its been so long since we've talked. Anyway, I hope everything is going well