Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CES Fireside and car adventures...

Ok, so on Sunday I sang at the Fireside. It was an AMAZING experience :D. I'm really glad I got the chance to do it. President Uchtdorf's talk was pretty incredible. He always gives such great talks. This one was about how boys need to ask our on more dates.. I mean that's a pretty common topic and pretty much all the apostles teach it (and why are boys still not asking out!!!???!!!) but the way he gave it was awesome! When he was leaving at the end he turned and blew kisses at the choir and gave us two thumbs up! He's such a cute man I love him.
Anyway, on the way back to Ephraim I was riding with my friend Courtney who was driving and a girl named Landry. Part of the way there, a little after Santaquin her car starts making really funny noises and then the oil light came on. We were like oh crap!!! Well we pulled over and she called her dad. Her parents told her to try and get to the next exit; which wasn't very far at all. So we got back on the road and drove in the outside lane going pretty slow and keeping the hazard lights on. We make it just barely to the exit ramp to go into Mona. Right as we hit the exit ramp the car shuts down and we just coast down it. We had to swerve a bit to avoid getting hit by a semi truck going down the ramp, and then we just went until the car stopped lol. We sat on the edge of the road for over an hour... waiting for one of her friends from school to go down and pick us up and for her dad to come and get her car towed. Her dad and her brother arrived at about the same time as our ride back to school. We had been waiting with her Uncle and his grandaughter who had come out to give us some company while we waited out in the dark. They were from Santaquin so they weren't far. Finally we got back to school, but what is usually only about and hour drive from Provo to Ephraim turned into a 3 hour trip!!! It was crazy! lol. But anyway, we're safe now and we have a crazy adventure to laugh about!!! It was pretty awesome.

- m e g a n ♥

P.S. Here is the link to the talk President Uchtdorf gave at the fireside. ---->
Sadly though it doesn't include the parts that showed the choir or anything. They only include the talk itself :(.

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