Friday, October 30, 2009

more marching band talk lol... it's been on my mind lately...

I get to get to go home for Halloween this year! :). I also get to attend the Marching Band competition in Logan. I'm amazed at how many competitions I've been able to attend. It's crazy! Last year I only got to see the show I think once... lol. This year I think I've gone to all but just a few of the competitions. I'm also getting to go St George next weekend to attend the competition down there as well as the regional they are having down there. I'm so excited! :). I think I am truly a band geek... the definition of the word describes me quite well haha. I am still loving going to competitions and stuff and I'm not even in it anymore! It's just so awesome! And to think I once was apart of that awesomeness! lol. I do have to say I am more nervous sitting in the stands during a competition than I ever was when I was IN the band! haha. It's crazy. I think it's because I see the other schools perform and see how well they do and then I see our band perform... and I notice things they do wrong and all that. The band sounds great this year! We've always done well in music :). There is such a difference when I hear the other bands and then I hear ours. It's crazy how much better ours sounds... lol. I mean I know I'm probably just biased... haha, but it's true!!! You can hear out woodwinds!!! We woodwinds rock! Haha, I'm most likely somewhat biased there too since I am a woodwind... but still anybody else will tell you the same!!! I'm so glad I was apart of such a great band! I'm glad my sister was able to join and be a part by being in the color guard! It's awesome! I like it because I get to also go to winter guard competitions! I love going to those. I'm hoping my brothers decide to do band! It'll be awesome if all of my siblings ended up doing it :). It'd make me happy haha.
Anyway, I'll update more later! Not much to say :).

- m e g a n ♥

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Jen said...

In the dictionary next to the word "band geek" they will list your picture....lol.

Thanks for all your support. It has meant a lot to Lindsey these past few weeks.

I get nervous every time they perform too. They always pull it off though....

See you in St.George:)