Monday, September 7, 2009

no band = withdrawals.... =(

A few months ago I posted on this blog that I was going to minoring in music. This is no longer the case.... and I don't really know how I feel about this fact. Well, I'm more ok with it now than I was about a week ago. Before I get more into how I'm feeling about the situation let me fill you in on what got me to this situation.
At about the end of July/beginning of August I started to think about all the work it takes to just minor in music and how many generals I still have to get done at Snow. I started thinking that maybe I didn't need to be minoring in music. My friend who is also an elementary ed major told me about her decision to emphasize in fine arts. This to me sounded way more fun! I can do more than just teach music. I can also teach things like literature, visual art, and drama. I think it'd be way fun to do art projects on the elementary level as well as elementary level plays. I participated in a few elementary school plays and loved my experience with them. So as of right now I've decided to go that way instead of minoring in music. The only problem is, is that I'm going through a bit of withdrawal... I mean I've been in a band class for the last 7 years! And all of a sudden I don't have one. It's been weird. I still flute choir because I don't want to give up my flute playing and its just too much fun. And I'm in choir. Which is weird because I've never done choir before. But it's just been weird not being in an actual band class. Pep band does not count haha. I am in that one.
Well, anyway I'm starting to like it more and more. I was so heavily involved in band during high school with marching band and everything that it's been kind of nice to have a little break.
Anyway, it's late and I have to work tomorrow so I'll update some more later! :)

- m e g a n ♥

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