Monday, August 31, 2009

college life × during yr #2 =)....

just happens to be fabulous! I have to say that roommate wise this year is SO much better than any of my past experiences. I absolutely love my roommates. Seriously we have so much fun. Even if it is just laughing just to be laughing or laughing at the stupid things we do. I know it's only been a couple of weeks and a lot could happen in 9 months, but seriously I can't see anything huge happening... . I should probably knock on wood now haha. It's just that there may be moments when we annoy each other but everything turns out ok usually. We laugh about it and all is forgotten. We are all pretty much chill about things and don't take things too seriously, so it all works out. Where as some of my past experiences... not so much like that. Anyway, overall it's been good so far.

Let me introduce you to my roommates this year:

I have known Breanne for a pretty long time. We've been in the same home ward for about 9 years now. I love her. She is so funny! And crazy! She says I'm the crazy one... but it's really her... shh, don't tell her that. She is still in denial. She really is pretty much my favorite lol. She loves to cook and we all benefit from that skill or hers! We always have delicious meals for dinner and cookies! Oh my goodness I just might gain a lot of weight this year at school, because her cooking is just so delicious! I can't stay away! Ugh :(. It's nice though because we have a cook in the apartment we do have dinner together some days (always on Sunday) and I think that's great. I never really had roommates that wanted to do that in the past.

I didn't really know Kenzie very well when I first moved in. I mean we knew of each other mostly because she was in my home ward during jr. high. She also went to American Fork high school so of course I knew of her and she is Breanne's best friend so ya. We just didn't know each other real well. But really she is not that hard to get a long with so it wasn't hard to get to know each other. She is such a sweet girl. She has great intentions and really just wants to be everyone's friend. She is also really funny. Some of the sayings and expressions she comes up with are HILARIOUS. She is definitely great to be around.

Caitlin is my room roommate. I did not know her before this but we did have mutual friends because she was a student here at Snow last year. She is the only one in our apartment who did not go to American Fork. I think it's funny because once again my roommate is from Davis high school. AND she was in the marching band. Yup I'm just destined to live with rivals I guess haha. She fits in with us just great. Which is good cause we were kind of worried about the mystery roommate. We were worried that maybe she wouldn't get a long with us or anything, but really her personality is pretty close to the rest of ours. Sarcastic and likes to tease people. She has the most awesome laugh ever! lol. It's pretty loud and you can pretty much hear it down the road from our apartment haha. Ok maybe not that far but ya. lol

So I also just have to say that I LOVE apartments SO much better than dorms! Oh my gosh! It's just way better for many many many reasons. But ya I think I'm going to be going to bed now. My roommate is trying to sleep so I should probably turn off the light and end this. :). Just wanted to update you all on my life at college this far :D.

- m e g a n ♥

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Regina said...

Sounds like you're having good times at college already! And I'm glad you have some great roomates this year!