Sunday, July 5, 2009

hard core yo

Lately I have become a big fan of Taylor Swift. I liked her before but let's just say that she is all of a sudden one of my very favorite singers. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she actually writes her songs herself and I can relate to some of them. She is also an awesome person. I have watched some of her interviews and such and really like the kind of person she is. Anyway, I have a hard time seeing Taylor as a rapper... but this video will show you the hard core side of taylor swift haha! It's so funny!
[don't forget to mute the music above :)]

I'm like 8 foot 4, blond hair to the floor
you shorties never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore
no I ain't got a gun
no I never really been in a club
still live with my parents
but I'm still a thug
I'm so gangsta you can find me baking cookies at night
you out clubbing, but I just made caramel delight
t swift and t pain rappin on the same track
it's a thug story tell me can you handle that
I had a dream last night I had high-top NIkes
I had diamonds in my mouth, and diamonds on my mic
by the time I woke I was singing "I'M ON A BOOOOAAT"
cuz I'm a singer turned rapper
shorty I'm a make ya
straight to the top, yo
shorty I'ma take ya
you can call me T Sweezy now I'm a rap star
hey it's a thug story now tell them who you are
singer turned gangsta
you don't wanna fight me
straight to the top
in my extra small white tee
t swift and t pain all up on the same track
it's a thug story tell now can you get with that
what! what! I knit sweaters yo!
what! what! don't test me [bleep]
hey hold on, hold on I didn't even say anything
I said "yo"
you guys bleeped me and I didn't even say anything
I didn't even swear

- m e g a n ♥


Jen said...

I admit I haven't looked at the Taylor Swift thing...but I have been laughing sooooo hard about the Queen of Random box on your blog. I hate to say it but it is totally you!haha!

Steph said...