Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Reunion

This last weekend my mom's side of the family had our annual James Family Reunion. We usually have it somewhere in New Mexico since that is where the majority of the family lives, but this year we had it in Colorado. We went camping in a campground that was far far far from civilization lol. It was quite fun :). For once there was no usual family drama either... well not a lot anyway haha. There was a little bit of arguing but I guess that's to be expected when you are getting a bunch of related people together.

This is the cabin that we stayed in.

The night that we got there it looked like
it was going to rain and sure enough it did :)

My brothers having fun entertaining themselves

Emily said that if I was put in charge of the camera
there wouldn't be any pictures of me & I said oh yes
there will be! :D

The guessing jars at the reunion

My mom & dad :)

Here is a picture of my whole family.
It is rare when this happens lol

My sister and Grandma

Ok, so my cousins wife is in the process of getting her books published.
This is me and my sister with her at our reunion. Who knows she may
be famous some day and I'll have a picture with her! haha :)

some pictures of the lake that was down the road from our campsite.

so um, well our trip didn't just end after the family reunion... I have tons more pictures and stuff to post but I'm really tired so I think I'll go to bed... and um finish this up in the morning.

Till tomorrow! :)

- m e g a n


Regina said...

So have you taken any photography classes? Your pictures are good!! A lot better than any of the ones I took!

Steph said...

Family Reunion was great this year....when can we go back????

We could go another bear hunt!