Friday, May 8, 2009

summer jobs...

Well, I have been applying to places this last week so that I can get a summer job. I really need one soon or else I don't think going to back to school in the fall will be an option. I applied at Roberts, Ross, Payless, and a day care in town.
The day care called me yesterday and set an interview up with me for today. I just got back from that interview a little while ago...so we'll see what happens with that. I find out on Monday or Tuesday of next week whether or not I get the job or not. It's just a part time spot that they are hiring for so I'm hoping one of the other places calls me so that I can get something else lined up. It would really help if I could get some more money coming in.
I've decided to give a try at giving flute lessons this summer. My flute teacher at Snow, Elaine Jorgenson wants me to try giving them so I've got my flute teacher from high school, Michele Fluckiger to help me get some students. Michele does the elementary school aged flute class so she had me come in during one of there rehearsals and she introduced me to them and I gave out flyers. Now, I just hope that they gave the flyers to their parents. We'll see how it goes. If any of you readers of my blog know of any beginning or junior high aged flutes that need lessons this summer tell them about me! :) I'm pretty much trying anything there is to get me some money this summer. I would very much like to be able to go to school in August.

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