Friday, May 1, 2009

the end of one short school year...

I seriously cannot believe that this school year over. I just finished my last final this morning. One by one each of the friends I have made this year have been leaving and I am going to miss them. There were some that got on nerves sometimes, but I suppose that comes from living with people. I was even sad to see people I had never met go. This is definately a different experience than leaving school for the summer ever has been. In high school when you leave for the summer you'll see those people again because they all live in the same town as you or close to it. I also don't think you get as attatched to people, because here you are seeing them everyday of your life in and outside of school. I get so used to them being around and then when they are gone it's weird.
I seriously feel like it was just the first day of school. I remember that day quite well. Everything was new and here my parents were dropping me off and leaving me somewhere about an hour away and with people I had never met in my life. I have never felt so alone before. 8 months seemed like an eternity away and I didn't' think the end would ever come. I was so homesick for those first couple weeks, but the longer I was here and more people I got to know I started to realize how fun it was! I have made lots of great friends here at college and have had great fun and learning experiences. I don't regret coming here and don't wish to take back any of the experiences I had while being here. I learned a lot about myself and others while I was here.
I came here with no idea in my mind what I was going to do with my life and where I was going. Part of the way through my first semester it came to me. I wanted to teach elementary school, and it soon became obvious to me that I could not stay away from music. So I have decided to major in elementary education or early childhood (haven't quite decided) and minor in music :). Although, I think I have already announced that here on my blog. Oh well, you get to read it again.
I can't wait to come back to school in the fall, but am also very excited to move back home for a few months and see my family and friends.

- m e g a n ♥


Jen said...

Congrats MEGAN! You made it!

I am excited to see you for the next few months!

Love you!

Jessica said...

Yay! one year of college is done. I'm so proud of you for being able to go away to college and having a blast at the same time.