Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a night at the ball park!

My dad got free box tickets to the Beez game in Salt Lake tonight from his work so we all went to the baseball game. I got to invite a friend so I decided to invite one of my best friends, Tonya. It was pretty fun although I can't really say I payed all that much attention to the game itself haha. I don't really know much about what is going on in that game, but it was fun to be there and have fun with family and friends. Along with the baseball game me and Emily and her friend Cassady and Tonya watched American Idol on the TV that was in our suite haha. It was great fun!

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Jessica said...

Lol That sounds like fun being able to go to a baseball game. I'm sure you had a blast with Tonya. I just read some of your blog and realized that you are going to a concert. So am I!! Only I'm going to Nickelback and my tickets were $62 dollars. But it should be a way good concert. I'm excited to go. teehee