Tuesday, February 24, 2009

homecomings and breaks...

This semester has been kind of different. For one I have been home for 4 weekends in a row! Crazy I know. This weekend will be my first one staying at school in a while. And then the next weekend I go home again for spring break. It has been nice to be able to go home, but at the same time I think my student ward thinks I am inactive haha. This last weekend I got to go home for a missionary homecoming. It was for Bob Fannin, one of my best friends Allie Fannin's older brother. It was so weird for him to come back... it felt like he had just left but yet it also felt like he had been gone for forever. So much has changed since then. For one me and Allie weren't near as close to each other as we are now. It was way cool to hear his talk he gave in church. His testimony was so strong and he told it to the congregation with such feeling it amazed me. I thought he had a strong one before his mission but now that he has just gotten home from spening two years serving the Lord is so much stronger.
I also got to go to the luncheon (which was more like a breakfast) and that was fun. Bob had brought back Allie and her older sister Angie some dresses that they wear on the island of Figi where Bob went. I guess he taught a family while he was there that had a little girl. Her and Clair (Allie's younger sister) had become pen pals. She sent her a dress that was so pretty on Claire! It was so cool to see Bob back and apart of the Fannin family. =).
Well in a couple weeks I am going to finally have a week long break. I'm so excited for it. Spring Break. it's a very much needed break haha. I might be making a trip with my mom to New Mexico... but we'll see what happens. I really hope I get too though! It'll be so much fun.
Well I gotta get back to "doing homework" haha. I'll update again soon!

- m e g a n ♥

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Regina said...

It's amazing what 2 years will do! I think it really makes people grow a lot in the gospel.