Saturday, February 28, 2009

ash wednesday && charlie brown

This last wednesday I got to go to Ash Wednesday Catholic Mass with my friend Pamela. It was pretty interesting =). I actually was able to have a couple of culture experiences at one time. The mass was done in spanish for the most part because they have such a large spanish catholic community in Ephraim. It made it really hard to understand what was going on though because they only translated some of it and then we had to follow out of a bilingual book to get the rest... so i was kind of confused. Even Pamela was confused and she is Catholic! haha. Man those Catholic's get some excercise during there meetings... there was a bit of standing, kneeling, and sitting back down during it. It was really fun to kind of see what another religion does for there meetings and stuff. I even got to get the ashes on my forehead =). Although, i'm not really sure if I know why they do that...
On Thursday night I got to go see our school's musical. They did You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. I thought it was very cute =). The play is set up so that it's like your watching a bunch of comic strips being acted out. It was funny and cutely done. I thought all the actors and actresses did an amazing job!

- m e g a n ♥

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