Monday, September 15, 2008

sorry it's been so long...

I've been busy! lol I honestly thought it would be easier to update and remember to update until I actually got here and started making friends. :] I've made a ton more friends now then I had when I last posted. Cassi (who I mentioned in my last post) is one of my good friends here. It is funny because when I first met her she was so quiet that I kept on thinking that I couldn't see our friendship grow and more because I like to talk so much and she...didn't. But, oh my gosh was I wrong haha. Let's just say you don't want to see us when we are up late at night and on sugar! She is crazy! I've also met her roommate, Crystalina now and we get a long GREAT! It is so strange...we have so much in common it is not even funny. We wear the same size clothes and everything!

I had a really funny experience the other night...well at least I thought it was. It wasn't a laughing out loud experience or anything, just kind of wierd/funny. A few weeks ago I found out this girl down the hall from me went to Davis High School. I was like oh and of course in the back of my mind was marching band rivals. I just brushed it off and thought whatever I don't think she was in band. Well the other night me and my roommate Sophia were up talking until 3 am. Somewhere around 1:30-ish we were joined by this girl (Brittany) and her roommate Jackie (both way AWESOME girls! :]). As we were about to go back upstairs I mentioned something about having to get up early for pep band rehearsal. Brittany looked at me and said what do you play? Turns out that we both play flute! She asked me where I went and before I could answer she looked at my hoodie (which says American Fork flutes on the front) and yelled Oh my gosh! You went to American Fork! She looks at me with this funny look on her face and then goes, your band...and mine... . I just started laughing and said I still love you! Something like that lol. I think it came out more like "I love you!" haha. It was funny. You kind of had to be there haha. She is the funniest girl I think I have ever met!

Anyway, I have a funny story that I am going to share with you. It is one of those "you had to be there" stories so just humor me by reading it lol. So me and Kaitlin were in the library today and we decided that we were going to ride the elevator down instead of walk down the stairs (I know, we are lazy haha). We were just sitting there for a moment laughing and talking when I started to notice that I wasn't feeling that tickle in my stomach or the feeling of any kind of motion. I turned to Kaitlin and asked her if we were even moving. All these thoughts started going through my head like "oh my gosh are we stuck" or "what if the elevator is broken!". All of a sudden Kaitlin started laughing and pushed the 1st floor button. I couldn't beleive it! We forgot to push the stupid button and that was it haha. It was so funny! We started laughing all the way down and out the door.

Well, I am going to finish studying for my math test and then I need to go take it. I'll try to remember to update more often! :] sorry.



Regina said...

You made me laugh! I'm so glad you are enjoying college and making lots of friends!

Jessica said...

wow you have lots of fun stories! I don't really have any like that. Except our elevator in the library tells us if we're going up or down. So me and Dani started laughing because i said "It had to tell us if we're going up or down, i guess it thinks we can't tell." it seems lame now but yeah...lol, it was funny and fun. Anyway, i'm glad your having fun at school! Good luck on your math test

Steph said...

Im so glad that you are having so much fun!!!! Luv U!!