Saturday, August 23, 2008

second visit to palisade!

This last summer for girls camp, me and my ward went to palisade. Well, today I got to make another trip there. It was yet another trip with the 1st ward! Okay, so it wasn't my home 1st ward, but it was the my college 1st ward. It was our wards first get together although there really weren't a lot of people there. I recognized most of them though. So that was good. Only me and one of my roommates went, but I hung out mostly with one of the girls that lives a few doors down from me. Her name is Cassi. I actually met her a few nights ago. She is pretty cool. I was mad though, cause I didn't pack a swimming suite! Ugh. So, I didn't go swimming. I didn't want to get in with my jeans lol. It would have taken forever to dry! Me and Cassi did go in as deep as we dared without getting fully soaked. It felt nice. Anyway, I should probably get some homework done. I unfortunately have an 18 page, single spaced paper to start on....*sigh. At least it is on my own personal life rather than the class. It's for Courtship and Marriage....ya, interesting class... . Well, I am gonna end this post now...to start my paper. It's my intention anyway...we'll see how far I get.



Steph said...

ok.....so give us an update already!!!

Jen said...

MEGAN....please update!!!