Tuesday, July 1, 2008

growing up

Yesterday I got my very first checking account! I got to order my very own checks too =]. They are disney princesses lol. I think they are so cute! Anyway, they won't come for another couple of weeks and my debit card won't come for about a week. It's kind of cool cause when I ordered my checks from the internet they came with free address lables. They will match my checks and have the disney princesses on them too.

I can't beleive that I will be in college in 7 weeks. It's just crazy and so hard to beleive. I remember going into the seventh grade and thinking that I had 6 more years to go. It seemed like such a long time. Then, before I knew it I was going into the tenth grade and I was thinking 4 more years to go! That also seemed like such a long time...until now. Those 6 years quickly passed by and then those last 3 years flew by! It is crazy how the years go that way. I remember watching movies or seeing people in college and thinking that they were so old! But, now I am there and I don't feel old at all. In fact I don't even feel like I should be in college...yet. But, oh well it is here and even though I feel way to young I am so excited at the same time! I am officially a badger! Wahoo! I have enrolled in all my classes and been assigned a room. I am living in Snow Hall =]. I am pretty excited but way scared at the same time.

I don't think I am going to be able to go to Snow and walk passed the bell tower without laughing though. Last year for youth conference we went to Snow College. A few of our leaders had gone to Snow for college and told us the story about the bell tower there. Appearently there is this whole thing at Snow about kissing somebody under the bell tower at midnight or something...but I guess supposedly you end up marrying the person that you kiss under there. It is so funny. Anyway, my sister and this kid named Dylan decided that they wanted to trick us all and make us think that they kissed under the bell tower and it all just turned into a huge inside joke. You totally had to be there to think it was really that funny. The picture on the left is the bell tower. I took it when we went past snow during our YCL retreat. We went to Manti to visit our campsite for girls camp this year and Manti is next to Ephraim which is where Snow is.


Regina said...

Megan!! I can't believe you are going away to college. I can remember when you were just a baby! Now how old does that make me!?!?

Steph said...

Growing up is so hard. It was my tenth year out og high school. Don't worry...your only as old/young as you feel.

Jen said...

Snow is the Best! I am soooooo excited for you to expierence all that the world has to offer you. Enjoy this time in your life, you will look back on it as one of the best.

As far as the bell tower goes, well, be careful who you go there with at Midnight. And DONT kiss anyone there unless you are sure.....

Thanks for all you do to make YW the greatest!!! LOVE YOU Sis Nicholes!