Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today I went and babysat for Emily again. Last January my mom's mission companion, Joni, had twin girls; Sarah and Cali. She wanted to hire a babysitter that could come over and basically nanny for her because she has two other little kids too. Jenna is the oldest and she is only 7 and then there is Christian who is 6. She hired Emily to come and help because I already had a job at the time, but lately I have been going over and helping while Emily is at band or at her other regular babysitting job. It really isn't that bad. Sometimes it can be really fun...when the babies are in a good mood lol. (In the picture from left to right: Sarah, Cali, & me).

Joni's whole family has been sick lately which is another reason why I have been helping so much lately. Sarah had Croup and Cali had some sort of cough too, but there coughs have never left. Joni took Sarah back to the doctor today and found that she also has an ear infection now. It was kind of sad cause Sarah is usually so happy and today all she wanted to do was sit there and cry.

Anyway, here are some pictures that I have taken the past couple of days while I was babysitting them. (Hover your mouse over them to see names. One of them I can't remember who it is, so there is no name lol)

Sarah Cali Sarah Cali Sarah Cali

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Regina said...

Such cute kids!!