Wednesday, June 25, 2008

institute & more

This is going to be a short post lol. I am so tired and I still need to get in a shower. I once again took over Emily's babysitting job from 9am-1pm and then I came home and packed for youth conference, went to work at the corn stand, and then went to institute. It's been a long day...
Institute was good though. It felt wierd cause it's like seminary...only at night...and with older people...and a little bit more serious I guess. Not that seminary wasn't ever serious it's just that we don't play all those games and we discuss deeper into things kind of. We didn't do much deep discussing today though lol. We were learning about Boyd K. Packers talk from last General Conference. It was my very first time going to institute but I learned within the first 5 minutes of class that I had picked the right class to go to (you get to pick whatever class you want to attend). It was about trials and things for part of the time. I learned from Boyd K. Packer's talk that I need to think more positively and "not let the weather effect me". lol. I realise that I have been way to negative about things lately. Now that I have realised this I am trying not to be so negative, but it's hard now to try and think more positive because the negative comes so easily. Ugh...it's so hard. Things are just so stressful right now with money and trying to get to college. I know, I know, my mom keeps saying that it doesn't get any easier. Joy. There I go again, being negative haha. Okay I think that I am going to go get in the shower now and then go to bed. I have to get up early in the morning. I have to be at the stake center at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning!!! I'm on the stake youth council and we have to finalise somethings before everyone else comes for Youth Conference.
Anyway, good night! I will not be posting anything else while I'm gone! I will be gone tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Bye!


P.S. So much for a short post haha.


Jessica said...

wow...you are a lot better then me. I wish i could be as positive as you are. But its hard for me for some strange reason. IT is hard to be positive though when you have the stressful life with college and money. ANd it won't get easier but thats okay. Cuz a lot of good things will come from the hard things. THe only way to have happiness is to have saddness too. So we're doing well on that part. haha. i love your posts!

Regina said...

I think it's a good goal to be more positive! I applaud your efforts! And have fun at youth conference!