Tuesday, April 19, 2011

new mexico trip.

Every year my mom's side of the family has a family reunion.  My mom is the youngest of 8 children, so these family reunions are rather large and I almost always meet some relative I seriously didn't know I had.  Because my mom is the youngest me and my siblings are the youngest grandkids.  As a result I mostly grew up with my second cousins rather than my first cousins.  Sometimes sitting there and listening to all the fun my cousins had growing up around each other I feel almost distant.  I wish I could have grew up around all those cousins.  It sounds like it was so much fun.  Instead I grew up years later when most of my cousins were having their own children.  We also live in a different state than most of my family, which means I only ever really see them once a year at our annual reunion.  This year for our reunion we had a birthday part for my grandma, because she turned 90.  It was fun to see her so happy and we had a very good turn out, not only family but other people who have known my grandma.

It was also my uncle Dwight's birthday as well as my cousin Steph's.
The Grandkids that were there
The Great grandkids that were there

me and my grandma, my name sake :)
(her name is Mega which is where my parents got the idea for Megan)

my mom's brothers & grandma
my mom & her sisters & my grandma.
all my mom's living siblings & grandma. 

It was a really fun trip.  I miss being there and seeing my grandma and cousins.  We're going back in June though, so that's not too far off :).

I definitely had fun taking pictures on the way home.  There are a plethora of them.  If you thought I've posted a lot of pictures so far,  I have tons more from this trip.  I'll spare you and not post all of them though.  I'll just give you the high lights.

We spent part of a day in Durango, Colorado and I found this key chain in a store there.  It turns colors in the sun!  How cool is that!?
i had a little fun with the camera.  hey, it's a long drive.
we all look like that 8 hr drive is just oh so fun, don't we
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Audz said...

You're so beautiful Megan! I sure love your posts :)

Regina said...

Thanks for sharing! I love all the pictures you took! Can't wait to see what other pictures you took!