Friday, March 11, 2011

that smell i can't describe.

Today was... awesome.
This is purely because of the fact that spring was in the air.
I went all day with no jacket at all.
Okay well, I had a button up shirt thing over my shirt.  Does that count?
It was sunny and the skies were clear.
Tonight after work as I walked out into the parking lot, I could smell it.
That summery/spring smell.
It's one that I can't describe, but it's there.
There was that nice breeze going on.  
The one that is slightly chilly but nice feeling.
It brought back flashes of summer time memories.
The cool grass beneath your bare feet and that smell, the one I can't describe.
I can't wait.
Spring and Summer cannot come soon enough.
Flowers, blossoms, green leaves, and sun filled days.
I await you with open arms.

1 comment:

kitkat said...

spring n' summer are my absolute favorites!! woohoO!! *throws bikini in the air*